24 July 2008

The power of Plaxo

I just discovered something great. Since a long time I'm using Plaxo (www.plaxo.com) to stay up to date with the correct details of my contacts. And since a few days I also use MobileMe to sync the address book of my desktop to synchronize it with my mobile phone. The address book on my desktop also synchronizes the information with Plaxo.

But this is what just happened to me today.

- In my address book on the desktop I added a contact (name, work, telephone number, e-mail and so on.)
- Saved the contact.
- Searched the contact on my mobile phone and discovered that some things where changed. (Birthday and mobile phone where added to the contact.)

This is something really nice I think. You just enter a few details and the rest is added by Plaxo. But of course this only works if you contact is also using Plaxo and is sharing his details with other people.

21 July 2008

Google Reader: the history machine

When it comes to RSS for me one big application I use is Google Reader. But sometimes this isn't working for 100 %. Sometimes it happens that old messages are shown as new messages. But I'm not sure if this is a Google reader problem. It could also be that there's a small change in the feed so that the feedfetcher thinks those are new messages and not just old messages.

As long it isn't happening to all my feeds at the same time it's something we can live with.

13 July 2008

Welcome to the new Commidorie

A few months ago I started this blog named Commidorie but after some time I didn't submit any new posts. But starting today Commidorie is back online and I will start publishing posts again from time to time.

I hope you all will like the new Commidorie.